He thought it could do no harm, he only wanted to try it once – just to experience it, how was he to know that after the first fix his life would be forever dependent upon this substance, how was he to know that from the moment the needle touched the record he would become a fully fledged Bass Junkie.

Binging on heavy doses of 808 kicks and robotic licks Phil soon invested in two turntables, speakers and a mixer to help feed his insatiable craving for electro and Miami Bass. Before long the Bass Junkie had tested almost every vinyl product on the street, this consumption did not satisfy his habit so in1987 Phil began to manufacture his own supply

In his suburban laboratory the Bass Junkie spent many hours testing his own medicine, cutting finely-tuned frequencies, chopping them with pure bass and then mixing in raw, uncut beats, leaving loudspeakers smoking and equalizers peaking. Other addicts were keen to sample the Bass Junkie product and Phil was soon involved with some heavy mobs interested in trafficking his trax including Dynamix II who invited him to Miami for a 3 month bender of Miami Electro Bass in the early `90s.

With addicts worldwide attempting to score his dope beats, in 1996 Phil began Battle Trax to distribute his brutal brand of bass-fuelled beats. Kids were soon overdosing on large doses of Cybernet Systems,Final Dreams, Industrial Bass Machines and Kronos Devices – all variants of the highly addictive Bass Junkie, traces of which have also been found in other lethal labels including Audio Illusion, Control Tower, Breakin`, Joey Boy, SMB, Touchin` Bass, Remote Audio, Firewire, RGC, Fuel, Satamile, Cyberian Knights Recordings, Electrix, Parallax, Panic Trax, Tellektro, Tranzform, [k]rack-troni[k],Rotters Golf Club, X0X and Dynamix II Records. If you have a problem with low frequency addictions help is at hand, just visit www.bassjunkie.com where our highly trained team are on call to help you kick the habit and rehabilitate yourself seamlessly back into your society. Bass Junkie is available forDJ performances as well as remix work.

Written in Dead Silence by The Innocent Bystander 2003(Brett Youngs 1973 – 2003 RIP).