Kirsti has always been a music obsessive – charting from the birth of the internet in AOL chatrooms and Yahoo Music groups she also religiously listened to Radio 1 from Steve Lamaq through to John Peel and Maryanne Hobbs every night. It wasn’t until she got to university that electronic beats really took hold as she found herself stumbling around Checkpoint Charlie and venturing to buy her first vinyl and spin on mates decks. That’s when things got good, earning her first DJ set on a blag this lead to bookings earned from each set when she found herself firmly installed in Reading’s tight network of young promoters and DJs.

She got involved putting on events herself, ask someone about Uncle Paul’s Toilet Rave at the ex-squat turned art centre Rising Sun, and it envisages memories art meets rave in it’s eclectic line up and toilet roll canopied mayhem.

Moving to London she took her passion for promotion out on tour working again with the friends she’d made during her Reading days and discoveries made from her continued internet obsession perhaps it was too underground. Working with collectives like Love Love and Creaked Records along the way at venues like The Macbeth in Shoreditch or the more alternative Others Gallery in Stokie called ‘electronic music listening parties’ by some goers the exercise felt better represented on a different platform. The events created infamy and were called the next level of underground, perhaps too much so to work in London’s competetive live scene.

Kirsti’s current project and underground electronic music platform null+void blog was the next logical step, working on the music she found in promise, an edge, something different from what the usual chatter was about became the focus and niche of this new web adventure. Nearly 3 years on now it’s settled and found its place as somewhere to go to discover amazing sounds, she often forgets not everybody is as nerdy and obsessive as her.

This goes hand in hand with her DJ style, working with the digital platform of Traktor to play these weird, wonderful and banging sounds she’s played regularly at Wrong Music and Brackout as well as being priviledge to spots and Plex and Wang – London’s strongholds of underground music. Her sets range from rough bass cutting rave music, through to techno, electro and acid and people like Jerome Hill, Rob Booth and Dexorcist are her inspirations for their knowledge, skill, individuality and passion and pushing her listening experiences to the extreme.