679 (Frankie Vallie Beggin’)
ATIC (Crowhead / Gripper)
Audio Relief
Audio Tactics (Survival)
Autonomic (Instra:Mental / D Bridge / D kay / Skream)
Balkan (Rave Wars / Mark Archer / Plaid / Paul Blackford – All releases)
Basshead (otto von shirach + All releases on label)
BBE (All Kings Of Comps)
Big Dada (Various)
Botanika (All releases)
Bombay (All releases)
Civil Music (Reso)
Chestplate (DJ Distance)
Cr2 (Eurhythmics feat
D-Style Group (All releases)
Drum & Bass Arena/AEI
Elemental (All releases)
Exceptional (All releases)
ESL (Thievery Corporation)
Exit (D Bridge)
First Word (Simon Sounds / Haggis Horns)
Footprints (Zero T)
Fracture + Neptune
Handsette (posthuman)
Formation (DJ SS)
Go4Music (Alex Gopher)
Goodlooking (LTJ Bukem)
G-Stone Recordings
Hench (Jakes Project /Chasing Shadows / Original Sin)
Ho Hum
Innerground (DJ Marky)
Integral (All releases)
K7 (Kings of Comps)
Kartel (fat freddys drop / son of dave)
Less Music (Shackleton vs Invasion)
Metalheadz (Goldie + All releases on the label)
Mordant Music (symptoms)
Ninja Tune (Club PR only)
Nonclassical (Gabrial prokoviev + The Heritage Orchestra)
NonPlus+ (Instra:mental- skream / actress / d bridge / drama)
Rag & Bone (warlock / noyeahno / stagga)
Ranking Records (ruxpin / planas – All releases on label)
Runtime (Elemental)
Shiva (Tivoli vs Cabert Voltaire)
Shiva Soundsystem (d code / nerm)
Sing Sing
Sonar Kollektiv (All releases – Currently not promoing)
Soul:R (Marcua Intelex)
Stones Throw (james pants / Arabian prince/ Mad Lib)
Stop Start (envy / Heavy Deviance / Caspa Godina)
Stereotype (d mindz + all releases)
Studio Rockers (moodyboyz)
Technique (Drumsound + bassline smith, all releases)
This Is Music (DJ Mujava)
V Recordings (AI)
The Strong Rooms Radio
Death In Vegas